“The Gals are doing fantastic! What a joy! And boy, were you right… they are BOTH ornery!!! We wouldn’t want them any other way. Their distinct personalities are so sweet. We just love and adore them!” 
~ M. & J. Denney 

“I began looking into getting a puppy a few months ago and wanted to settle on a breed that was good for hunting but also a loyal family dog. I started looking into local breeders for a Weimaraner and that’s when I found Janette and Jacob’s website. The website was full of helpful information and easy to navigate. Janette was extremely kind and very helpful with any questions I had. I decided to purchase a silver male and he is just absolutely perfect! He came from a beautiful litter of puppies, already had his first set of shots with vet records, AKC papers, dew claws removed and tail docked. I couldn’t have asked for a better puppy buying experience! Thank you so much! I would highly recommend checking them out if you are interested in purchasing a Weimaraner!”  ~  J. Edgmond

“From the moment my husband and I began talking with Janette, she was nothing but helpful. She answered all my many questions, and I am amazed how quickly she responded too. She made herself readily available through email, texts, and phone calls. I love the fact that we were able to actually meet Janette in person, and that she let us come down to meet the puppy parents. The pup’s parents were beautiful, obedient and it was clear to see that Janette takes very good care of them. The few weeks we waited to bring our puppy home, Janette sent us photos of him every week. It was so fun to see our puppy growing up, and to know that she was taking great care of him. I was thrilled to find that Janette exposed our puppy to kids too, so that he would be well socialized. We loved how considerate Janette was with flexibility in picking up our puppy. She went out of her way to cut down on our driving time. Thank you, Janette! You added an awesome member to our family, and we are so very grateful!”  ~  L. Reiss

“If you are looking to adopt a Weimaraner, I highly recommend adopting directly through the breeder. Our family lives in California and through an online search we found Janette Conn. What an incredible experience it’s been and now our puppy Miles is here with us in the Bay Area. Janette is honest, responsive and very caring about the puppies. Her doggies are socialized from the very beginning, as she has a daughter and a son (both between 7-9 years old). If your family has kids, Janette’s puppies come prepared to meet them. Janette got on facetime with me so that I could meet the puppy whose picture we fell in love with. One video chat and I knew we have found the right pet and the right people to adopt from. Janette was flexible in the arrangements of flights to ensure that the puppy would arrive to San Francisco at a good time for us, even though it meant she had to drive to the airport in the middle of the night. She was so thoughtful and helpful. Miles arrived on February 11, 2017 at SFO safe and sound. He was a little scared, but adapted very quickly to his new home and the family members here. We also have an older beagle dog and this little weim had no issues showing her TLC! He is simply perfect. First visit to the vet got him a clean bill of health. Janette has stayed in touch with us, appreciating little updates and pictures of how the little pup is doing!  We are so happy we found Janette and grateful to have a new member in our family,”  ~  B. Roykh

“We were searching for a second Weimaraner to spend time with our 12-year-old Weim Percila. Connsweims went out of their way to help make the transaction as seamless as possible. With bad weather coming, they met us halfway so that we could leave after work and return before the weather came in. On the way home my wife named ‘red collar’ Athena and they both bonded. My wife and Athena are now inseparable, and our older Weim has come back to life with energy.” ~ J. Cook

“First of all let me say I’m some what old school when I comes to buying without seeing, never mind in buying a dog over the net. But the experience could not have been more gratifying. Janette was more than helpful and put my mind to ease. With all my text questions, whenever the questions popped into my head, she responded perfectly and quickly. I don’t recommend many things to anyone for I feel all the pressure turns to me if things go wrong. But in this case, and the new age of buying with out seeing, one can only rely on people’s professionalism and reviews. Buying this dog from so far away was easy and went off without a hitch. I would recommend this family breeder, and their dogs I might add. I would like to thank Jannette for all the help, and thank you her for ensuring my family with a heathy happy part of the family. We will send pictures over the next few years with up dates.” ~ R. Broglino

“Laurel and I wanted to thank you and express our appreciation for our new family member Cruz. Everything about Cruz has been great, including his vet checks with positive feedback and no health concerns whatsoever. His demeanor has also been great and better than I expected considering we have twins under a year old. Cruz is my second Weim that I have owned and I know that the Weim puppy stage can sometimes be overwhelming and difficult, however Cruz has exceeded my expectations as he seems to be a very quick learner. In our household we have baby toys scattered across the floor and he seems to pick up quickly which toys are his and which ones belong to our twins. We have also been working on the basic commands of sit, stay, and come which is a work in progress but there is improvement every day. Cruz also does really well around other people, we host church small group every Sunday evening at our house along with a babysitter each Friday and he is well assimilated to new people that enter our house with no barking or being defensive (this is a plus for us). Thank you also for your coordination with my wife on the purchase and pick up of Cruz. Our 10 year old Weim was diagnosed with cancer and the time had come to put him down as his health deteriorated. With twins under a year old there was a fine line on when we would be ready to introduce a puppy into our already crazy lives. You were more than accommodating and worked with my wife for a secret pick up and surprise of our new family member, a surprise I won’t forget! We look forward to many adventures with our new family member and our kids growing up along side him.” ~ A. Gremm

“We started looking for a weimaraner puppy to keep our 10 year old weim company, and be spoiled rotten by us! We found exactly what we were looking here. Janette was super helpful and very responsive. We live in Maryland so the puppy needed to be shipped. Janette kept us in the loop with every detail of the shipping process. She was super accommodating and made sure to get our puppy “Marge” to the airport for an early morning flight. This was so helpful, since it was such a long flight. We didn’t want to receive a new puppy on our end late into the night and then drive the 3 hours back home to settle her in. Our puppy is 10 months old now. She is the sweetest, happiest and smartest dog I’ve ever met! She was a breeze to train, with her people pleasing attitude. She gets along so well with our other weim, children and farm animals. She hasn’t met a living thing she doesn’t love! She is everything we hoped for and more! When the time comes to add to our weim family, we will definitely come back to Janette. I highly recommend this breeder!” ~ W. Myer